How much is your stale email list costing you?
Average customer savings is 30%

validate your contact list today

With ListBuddy, you can confidently click send on your campaigns knowing that your mailings will be delivered to the right people. When your list is properly maintained, your email marketing campaigns will reach more inboxes, achieve better engagement, and will deliver higher returns. Plus, save money knowing that you're not sending to old, stale, and closed email addresses.

Cleaned and validated Lists lead to higher engagement

When your contact list is fully optimized, you’ll notice an increase in customer engagement and better inbox performance.
Better inbox performance leads to higher returns on your marketing spend.

What does ListBuddy do?

ListBuddy helps you optimize your contact list’s integrity by through a three stage process:

  1. Clean: Remove duplicates, spam traps, known complainers, etc.
  2. Validate: Fix misspelt domains, confirm syntax, fix malformed addresses, etc.
  3. Verify: Confirm the clean addresses are real, functional addresses.

what is list hygiene & Why is it important?

List hygiene is the regular maintenance of your contact list to ensure your list contains only verified and engaged subscribers. This regular maintenance of your list is critical to ensuring continued success with your email marketing campaigns. When a list is properly maintained, you can expect high rates emails effectively reaching the inbox, better customer engagement and higher returns.

Listbuddy, your ally in email marketing success

When you choose ListBuddy to optimize your contact list, you not only get a list worth sending to, you gain an ally who will help your marketing reach new heights. Included with every list optimization is a free special report with recommendations on how to improve your email marketing efforts and increase the ROI of your marketing spend.

clean and validate in three easy steps


Step 1
Step 1: order & upload

You choose the number of credits you’d like to purchase based on the number of emails you need to validate. Once you sign up, simply upload the emails you want verified. Credits never expire so you can buy in bulk now and use them over time as your list grows

Step 2
Step 2: review & validate

Once you submit your order, your account representative will begin the process of optimizing your list. This process usually takes about two hours once the order is confirmed

Step 3
Step 3: report & recommendations

Finally, you’ll receive an email with your optimized list and a report with detailed analysis about the addresses in your list. We also include a unique-to-you special report that includes recommendations on best practices and how you can get the most out of your newly optimized list

clean and validate today

Our assessments are designed to give you the information you need at a price that fits your budget.
See pricing examples below:

2,500 credits = validate a list of 2,500 email addresses = cost of $35

50,000 credits = validate a list of 50,000 email addresses = cost of $405

250,000 credits = validate a list of 250,000 email addresses = cost of $1,350


Email Addresses Validated

  • Credits = Number of Email Addresses to Validate
  • Credits NEVER Expire
  • Use Credits At Your Own Pace
  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Buy Credits in Bulk & SAVE